The Best Tips to Find Garbage Disposal Units?

Looking for the best garbage disposal unit for your household? These convenient under-sink units aid in the disposal of waste via the drain, and can make for a convenient kitchen add on- but only if you get the right one for you.

Follow these easy tips to find the best garbage disposal unit for you.

• Get the right type of disposal
• Get the right Warranty
• Buy a garbage disposal made of the right materials
• Choose the best trade off of size and power for your needs
• Buy a unit with the right installation needs
• Consider your sewage system

Lets look at these points in some more detail.

Continuous or Batch feed garbage disposals?

You’ll find that there is two types of disposal – continuous-feed disposals and the batch-feed type. The batch feed is slightly more inconvenient, in that you will start it yourself, but pays off far better in safety, particularly if you have kids. The continuous feed will activate as soon as waste enters the pipe, but can prove more hazardous if not properly supervised.go to for more info and updates.

Your warranty needs

Make sure you are properly covered in case of emergency. The more expensive garbage disposal units will offer limited lifetime warranties, and many may offer specific corrosion policies. You may also be able to extend any given warranty by purchasing an extension policy. Make sure you understand the policy you get and that it’s suitable to your needs.

The components and materials in you garbage disposal.

Stainless steel components and the new glass chambers will extend the lifetime of your garbage disposal unit vastly. They may add extra bulk, though, so there may have to be a trade off in more restricted spaces. Of course your budget has to count, but making sure you shop around for the perfect blend of quality and price will ultimately pay off.

Size vs Power.

Be sure to check the amount of space you have available before purchasing your garbage disposal. It can actually be easiest to install a new garbage disposal when you undertake a kitchen renovation or re-fit. Of course, if you are replacing an existing unit it will be easier to know if you have the space available. Do be sure to check the existing mountings and that your new unit is compatible with them, however.

1/3 and ½ horse power units are of limited abilities, and best only to consider if your usage will be limited or if your space is really restricted. ¾ horse power will be sufficient for the average household, with 1 horse power providing extra chopping and grinding power if you will be a very heavy duty user. They will also be difficult to jam and give a great lifetime of service, but there will be trade-offs in size.

• Remember, a unit with a removal splash-guard will always be a sound investment, as it will be easier to clean and avoid build-up of waste particles that can contribute to odour and unpleasantness.

Do you want to DIY?

Certain garbage disposal brands come highly recommended for ease of installation and clarity of instruction, and its worth doing some research to ensure you are purchasing one of these should you wish to self-install.


Do you have a septic tank?

If you are linked to a septic system, you will need to take greater care in your choice of garbage disposal. Special systems designed for use with septic tanks exist, intended to minimise the impact the disposal will have on your sewage system. There will be an additional cartridge feature to inject micro-organisms into the waste to help with efficient breakdown. These costs are fairly economical.check her latest blog post for more details.

With these tips in mind, finding the best garbage disposal for you and your family will be easy!.

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