Best Garbage disposal: 5 easy tips for choosing the best deal.

It can be overwhelming to know where to begin when looking to buy a new garbage disposal. With a range of products to choose from, it can be tough to know which will suit you best. Follow these easy tips to make choosing the best deal easier for you.

When shopping for your next disposal unit, remember these key points:

• Your available space
• Your power needs
• Your family situation and safety considerations
• The durability you need from your unit
• The type of manufacturer warranty you need

We’ll look at these in more detail below.

Size, Horsepower and your needs

Be sure to look at the space you have available for the garbage disposal unit. You may need a plumber to verify this for you.

The price will usually be related to how much horsepower the unit is providing: 1/3 horsepower is typically the lowest you will find, but these units have limited capabilities and are not as economical as they may seem. They’re more appropriate for very limited use. ½ horse is the lowest power sensible for average home use, but only for houses that don’t overuse the garbage disposal. They can be noisy. They are a great fit for tight spaces, though.

¾ horse makes a good choice for the average kitchen, will often be soundproofed to run more quietly, and are less prone to jamming- but take up more space. Lastly, the 1 horse power unit is an option that will allow for the grinding of usual no-go articles like bones. These are virtually impossible to jam, but trade off in bulk.

• Running a septic tank? Be careful to choose a garbage disposal specifically intended for use with a septic tank. There will be a special cartridge fitted to assist with breakdown of the food waste by using micro-organisms. These are typically fairly economical.

What type of garbage disposal is for me?

Two types of disposal exist- continuous-feed disposals, that power on as soon as there is waste in the drain; and the generally safer batch-feed type. With the batch-feed model of garbage disposal, the plug is replaced and then you activate the disposal. Its fractionally less convenient, but far safer for a home with children.


Stainless steel components will make for a far longer life for your garbage disposal. As with horsepower, though, there may be a trade-off in size and expense.

Warranty issues

A decent warranty on the garbage disposal unit you choose can be a great bonus. Be sure to familiarise yourself with the warranty on your unit, and pick a warranty that suits you. It can be helpful to consider ease of sourcing parts and maintenance technicians too.


Performance before price

Obviously, your budget is going to have to play a part in your decision, but spending a little more to purchase a quality garbage disposal unit will save you frustration in the long run.

Armed with these quick tips, it will be easy for you to get a great deal and the best garbage disposal for your needs.


The best way to keep your garbage disposal clean

The garbage disposal is a great time-saver in our modern, hectic lives- but only when it works well! Keep reading for a few easy tips on keeping your garbage disposal clean and running smoothly. Garbage disposals are meant to be self-cleaning, but sometimes need a little help. Unmaintained garbage disposal units run the risk of clogging, which in turn will lead to expensive and frustrating plumbing problems, so be sure to keep on top of it all with a few easy steps.

Avoid problems before they start

Here’s a few tricks to help prevent problems before they begin:

1. Make sure you aren’t tossing anything down the garbage disposal that will lead to nasty surprises later. Hard objects can blunt and damage the shredder unit, and may become lodged in the disposal’s mechanism.

2. Fill a sink of hot sudsy water daily and let it run through the machine. Clean the screen of loose particles if you can, too. Make sure the water you use is hot, to help emulsify oils and lard. This is also a great way of ensuring the drain line is cleared, and a great last step to use after giving your garbage disposal a deep clean.

3. Don’t throw down non-biodegradable substances or substances that may clog the drain- coffee grinds and other foods that expand in water are notorious for this. Foods with long thin fibres like corn husks may be problematic too. Try and minimise grease and starchy foods entering the unit, too.

4. Cut up big items to make them easier to deal with.

5. Run it a little longer each time-letting it run just a few minutes after the grinding stops will help ensure articles leave the unit. Leave the water running for a few seconds once the unit is off, to flush it.

Deep cleaning the garbage disposal.

Start by running a few ice cubes through the unit. It will help keep the blades crisp as well as loosen obstructions on the blades. One of the best deep cleans for a garbage disposal unit, is to use around 2 cups of ice and pour over some rock salt. Run some cool water over it all and then operate the unit for a few seconds. This will help remove sludge and grime.

Safety First!

Make sure the garbage disposal unit is powered off before attempting any of the following steps, and be sure to keep an eye on little ones if they’re helping you. Try not to insert your hands into the disposal if at all possible. We strongly recommend wearing gloves during the cleaning procedure.

Clear Blockages

If anything is stuck in the garbage disposal unit, remove it before continuing the spring clean.

• If you find something is wedged, you can use tongs or pliers to work it loose. Try not to damage the blades.

Next, you can use an old toothbrush or scrubbing brush for a good manual clean. Pay particular attention to the sink screen and the splash guard.


Keeping your garbage disposal free from odors.

There’s nothing worse then a foul smell in the unit. One of the best fixes is simple old baking soda and vinegar- half a cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar [don’t worry if it starts to fizz up] left for 5 to 10 minutes and then flushed down with some boiling water should be enough for almost any smell. Four tablespoons of Borax left for an hour can do the same job. These are both good bacteria busting options, but if you’re worried you can also use half a cup of bleach- this may, however, interact with fats to solidify them. Once you’re done, a handful of fruit peel run through the machine will ensure it remains sweet smelling.

Remember, a little bit of effort now will save you tears- and expensive plumbers calls- in the long run. Let these quick and easy steps help you keep you garbage disposal clean and running smoothly.

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The 5 Best Garbage Disposal Units For Your Kitchen

Buying a new garbage disposal can seem a mammoth task. Picking the best garbage disposal unit from a wide range of specifications can seem impossible. Today, we’re looking at the 5 best garbage disposal units for your kitchen.

You’ll find the market dominated by 2 brands- Waste King and InSinkErator, and they dominate the reviews for 2014’s best garbage disposals.

We will look at the following units:

• The Waste King L2600 1/2HP from the Legend series
• The InSinkErator Evolution Compact ¾ HP
• The Waste King L8000 1HP from the Legend series
• The Waste King A1SC Knight 1HP Garbage Disposal
• The InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1 HP Garbage disposal.

Each of these units consistently tops out in its category as the best for durability, price and solid construction along with near soundless operation. Find the one that’s right for you below.check the website for more garbage disposal units.

The Waste King L2600 1/2HP waste disposal from the Legend series

This compact garbage disposal option fits both tight spaces and budgets. Not too loud, and equipped with a glass chamber to cut down on maintenance, its also easy to install. It comes with a 5 year general warranty and a lifetime warranty against corrosion.

The InSinkErator Evolution Compact ¾ HP garbage disposal

Again, this garbage disposal unit provides good soundproofing in a neat package. It also makes installation a doddle with clear instructions and is easy to install too. It gives you more power then the Waste King L2600, and is rated highly for quiet operations.

The Waste King L8000 1HP from the Legend series

Although this model doesn’t score as highly regarding its noise levels, it delivers a reasonably priced garbage disposal with a long lasting and durable construction. It also comes with very good warranty options, and is simple to use. Like the cheaper unit above, it uses a glass chamber combined with cutting edge stainless steel grinders to minimise rust and keep maintenance to a virtual minimum. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty and a lifetime warranty against corrosion. A fabulous spin speed of 2800 rpm ensures problem-free- and fast- grinding. Don’t leave your kitchen without it.

The Waste King A1SC Knight 1HP Garbage Disposal

This aesthetically designed garbage disposal sports gleaming stainless steel, and is both powerful and almost silent. Its competitive price is an extra bonus, too. It utilises a one-pass technology to make easy work of anything you throw at it, and it comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Be warned, however, that it is a large unit. However, we can confidently call it the best reasonably priced high end disposal for your bucks.

kitchen garbage disposal with faucet

The InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1 HP Garbage disposal.

The Excel heads up InSinkErator’s Evolution line of garbage disposals for a reason. Silent, and deadly to the waste you toss down it, it uses a 3 stage grinding process to obliterate everything that gets in its way. It boasts a stainless steel chamber to minimise rust and make for a durable, maintenance free disposal, and it offers a 7 year in-house limited warranty. Its gives easy to use, admirable performance with next to no noise, and tops the list of recommendation.visit the original source for more information.

Each of these garbage disposal units comes highly recommended for its purpose, and are thoroughly worth considering in your hunt for the best garbage disposal unit for your kitchen.


The Best Tips to Find Garbage Disposal Units?

Looking for the best garbage disposal unit for your household? These convenient under-sink units aid in the disposal of waste via the drain, and can make for a convenient kitchen add on- but only if you get the right one for you.

Follow these easy tips to find the best garbage disposal unit for you.

• Get the right type of disposal
• Get the right Warranty
• Buy a garbage disposal made of the right materials
• Choose the best trade off of size and power for your needs
• Buy a unit with the right installation needs
• Consider your sewage system

Lets look at these points in some more detail.

Continuous or Batch feed garbage disposals?

You’ll find that there is two types of disposal – continuous-feed disposals and the batch-feed type. The batch feed is slightly more inconvenient, in that you will start it yourself, but pays off far better in safety, particularly if you have kids. The continuous feed will activate as soon as waste enters the pipe, but can prove more hazardous if not properly supervised.go to for more info and updates.

Your warranty needs

Make sure you are properly covered in case of emergency. The more expensive garbage disposal units will offer limited lifetime warranties, and many may offer specific corrosion policies. You may also be able to extend any given warranty by purchasing an extension policy. Make sure you understand the policy you get and that it’s suitable to your needs.

The components and materials in you garbage disposal.

Stainless steel components and the new glass chambers will extend the lifetime of your garbage disposal unit vastly. They may add extra bulk, though, so there may have to be a trade off in more restricted spaces. Of course your budget has to count, but making sure you shop around for the perfect blend of quality and price will ultimately pay off.

Size vs Power.

Be sure to check the amount of space you have available before purchasing your garbage disposal. It can actually be easiest to install a new garbage disposal when you undertake a kitchen renovation or re-fit. Of course, if you are replacing an existing unit it will be easier to know if you have the space available. Do be sure to check the existing mountings and that your new unit is compatible with them, however.

1/3 and ½ horse power units are of limited abilities, and best only to consider if your usage will be limited or if your space is really restricted. ¾ horse power will be sufficient for the average household, with 1 horse power providing extra chopping and grinding power if you will be a very heavy duty user. They will also be difficult to jam and give a great lifetime of service, but there will be trade-offs in size.

• Remember, a unit with a removal splash-guard will always be a sound investment, as it will be easier to clean and avoid build-up of waste particles that can contribute to odour and unpleasantness.

Do you want to DIY?

Certain garbage disposal brands come highly recommended for ease of installation and clarity of instruction, and its worth doing some research to ensure you are purchasing one of these should you wish to self-install.


Do you have a septic tank?

If you are linked to a septic system, you will need to take greater care in your choice of garbage disposal. Special systems designed for use with septic tanks exist, intended to minimise the impact the disposal will have on your sewage system. There will be an additional cartridge feature to inject micro-organisms into the waste to help with efficient breakdown. These costs are fairly economical.check her latest blog post for more details.

With these tips in mind, finding the best garbage disposal for you and your family will be easy!.

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Garage Door Repair – Should You Do It Yourself?

Your garage doors are busted, but can you do your own garage door repair? There’s a good chance you can. Garage door repair is a fairly simple home improvement job, but there are things you need to know. This article shows you some tips and steers you clear of the dangers.

When you need the services of a garage door repair specialist, it may be tempting to give it a try yourself. Doing it yourself saves you cash and helps you bond with your house. You can beam with pride and say, “Oh yeah, I did it myself and it wasn’t so hard.”

On the other hand, those doors are incredibly heavy and run by a complicated electrical system. It’s just a tiny little box on the ceiling, but once you get into serious repairs, you might realize just how much work it is. Here are a few things to consider when thinking about doing your own repairs.visit for more information and updates.

How Handy Are You?

This is a key question that many of us never think about before lunging in to home improvement projects. How handy are you with tools and different parts of the house? Although garage door repair isn’t as tough to do as plumbing, electrical work or roofing, it takes a little handy know-how.

On the other hand, the Internet is full of useful “do it yourself” information, including videos and tutorials. If you’ve got the time and energy, it’s a great way to learn some new skills. Modern garage doors are built to be simple so that most folks can do their own fixing and troubleshooting.

There Is Danger Involved

As I mentioned, these doors are heavy. We all know that they’re built with safety features that keep them from crushing you. Modern doors all have limit switches that stop it if there’s something in the way. The real danger involved in garage door repair is when you have to mess with the torsion cables. Professionals in the field recommend not trying to do your own repairs with the springs and cables. They are under an incredible amount of pressure, and if one should break, it can result in severe injury or even death.

Maintenance Means You Don’t Have To Fix Anything

Keeping up your regular maintenance is the best way to avoid any problems in the first place. Pay attention to the way the doors move when you press the button. They should be smooth and even, and there shouldn’t be any funny noises coming from them or the box. Check the tracks now and then to make sure they’re clean and free of obstructions.

garage door

Troubleshoot And Save Money

Before you call the garage door repair folks, try a little of your own troubleshooting. The most common problem with garage doors is that the remote or box is improperly connected. This means that the doors themselves aren’t broken, it’s just the system that needs to be fixed. Often, use your pocket flashlight to take a good look inside the pulley system and control sensors – these often get gunked-up with grease or debris. You might find that clearing off the sensors, making sure the wires are connected properly, or adjusting the limit switch will solve most problems. This means no calling the pros, and this means saving you money.

Check out your doors before you make the call, but if you’re not a real handyperson, leave it to the garage door repair professionals. You can get a reasonable quote with a local company that has experience and the tools to get the job done.