Best Garbage disposal: 5 easy tips for choosing the best deal.

It can be overwhelming to know where to begin when looking to buy a new garbage disposal. With a range of products to choose from, it can be tough to know which will suit you best. Follow these easy tips to make choosing the best deal easier for you.

When shopping for your next disposal unit, remember these key points:

• Your available space
• Your power needs
• Your family situation and safety considerations
• The durability you need from your unit
• The type of manufacturer warranty you need

We’ll look at these in more detail below.

Size, Horsepower and your needs

Be sure to look at the space you have available for the garbage disposal unit. You may need a plumber to verify this for you.

The price will usually be related to how much horsepower the unit is providing: 1/3 horsepower is typically the lowest you will find, but these units have limited capabilities and are not as economical as they may seem. They’re more appropriate for very limited use. ½ horse is the lowest power sensible for average home use, but only for houses that don’t overuse the garbage disposal. They can be noisy. They are a great fit for tight spaces, though.

¾ horse makes a good choice for the average kitchen, will often be soundproofed to run more quietly, and are less prone to jamming- but take up more space. Lastly, the 1 horse power unit is an option that will allow for the grinding of usual no-go articles like bones. These are virtually impossible to jam, but trade off in bulk.

• Running a septic tank? Be careful to choose a garbage disposal specifically intended for use with a septic tank. There will be a special cartridge fitted to assist with breakdown of the food waste by using micro-organisms. These are typically fairly economical.

What type of garbage disposal is for me?

Two types of disposal exist- continuous-feed disposals, that power on as soon as there is waste in the drain; and the generally safer batch-feed type. With the batch-feed model of garbage disposal, the plug is replaced and then you activate the disposal. Its fractionally less convenient, but far safer for a home with children.


Stainless steel components will make for a far longer life for your garbage disposal. As with horsepower, though, there may be a trade-off in size and expense.

Warranty issues

A decent warranty on the garbage disposal unit you choose can be a great bonus. Be sure to familiarise yourself with the warranty on your unit, and pick a warranty that suits you. It can be helpful to consider ease of sourcing parts and maintenance technicians too.


Performance before price

Obviously, your budget is going to have to play a part in your decision, but spending a little more to purchase a quality garbage disposal unit will save you frustration in the long run.

Armed with these quick tips, it will be easy for you to get a great deal and the best garbage disposal for your needs.

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